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David Wayne Floyd is an internationally recognized artist, muralist, colorist, and design consultant. From the studios that he and his partner share, both in San Francisco and in Anchor Bay on the rugged northern California coast, David excels in creating works of art steeped in fantasy, brilliant color, and all-world sophistication.

Born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico, David discovered his love of art at an early age, studied at the prestigious Hoffman School of Art, and received a scholarship from the Turner Galleries in Santa Fe. He delights in all aspects of the creative process, and believes that it is through the creation of art that humanity not only heals itself, but ensures its survival.

David Wayne Floyd,
 David’s partner in life, Jim Yager, is both an Emmy and Peabody award-winning documentary producer and art director. Jim’s production credits include numerous documentaries and instructional series for PBS and cable television. But, Jim’s desire for creative expression extends beyond the small screen, and he brings his love of detail and flair for the theatric to many DWF projects.

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202 4th Avenue
San Francisco, California 94118
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45881 Sunset Drive
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Jim Yager,
art direction & logistics