Welcome to the DWF website. We specialize in highly artistic, custom-made interior living spaces. We hope you’ll see something that engages your interest, and tickles your imagination. We pride ourselves on fresh ideas, original concepts, and quality execution. Also, since we’ve travelled around the globe, enlivening living spaces from the rugged north coast of California, and the colorful desert southwest, to a swank London flat, we can bring all of our creative inspiration to you, wherever you might be.

Here is a list of our services, with links to pages that have more photos of our unique work. Please email or call us with questions or inquiries. We’d love to hear from you.
DWF Services
 Original Art: Oils & acrylics on canvas, wood, & multi-media.
 Doors:Richly finished and textured doorways, opening to wherever your imagination takes you.
 Murals: Create a window to your favorite fantasy landscape.
 Canopies: A bed is just a bed, right? Not if it’s a DWF bed. Sweet dreams are made of this.
 Furniture: Speciality pieces designed to add whimsy and elegance to your interior. We can transform your favorite old piece, or create something entirely new.
 Wall Finishes: Forget white walls. Add warmth, color, light, and texture with a dramatic DWF wall.
 Upholstery: Give your furniture new life and flair.
 Cabinet Finishes: Forget shades of gray and brown on your cabinets. A DWF finish adds luminance and texture.
 Window Treatments: DWF can give your windows more than just a swag and a pouf -- we’ll add drama and color!
 Interiors Consultation: Let us help you pull it all together -- paint, materials, colors, fabrics, furnishings, and artwork. We’ll create a plan especially for you.
 Shopping: Need a helping hand to create a look that’s uniquely yours? Let’s shop together. We’ll make it fun!

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